Menu of Foods

Mickey’s is the home of a cultivated list of established and pedigreed whiskeys. We specialize in having the “Antique line” from Buffalo Trace as well as many other hard to get specialities. We have over 75 varieties including selections from all five regions of Scotland.  Our well drinks are better quality and cheaper than you’ll generally find elsewhere.


• B E E R S – On Tap 

Shiner Bock


Founder All Day IPA

Coors Banquet


Old Chub

Dales’ Pale Ale

Seasonal Tap (varies)


• B e e r s • D o m e s t i c  • I m p o r t e d •

We’ve got a good selection.  You’ll find something nice.


• F  o  o  d  s •

We’ve got some food selections.  There’s also an extremely tasty eatery next door that specializes in Foods.

That would be Nicoletto’s.  Their menu is here.

Your may get food @ Nicolettos and eat it whilst you imbibe @ Mickey’s.  Yum!

Mickey’s has:

• Cuban Sandwich >$7

• HOT Ham & Cheese >$6

• Fried Bologna >$6

• Grilled Cheese >$5

• Pimento Cheese >$6

Choice of swiss or cheddar cheese.  All sandwiches come with chips : regular, sweet onion, jalapeno or barbecue.

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